Conference speed dating ideas

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Others might not have anything to say right away, preferring to ponder things before making a contribution.

Have copies of the fuller paper available, and tell people you have them if they want them.

Or as often as possible given the travel funds available.

Unless you are invited to give a plenary presentation, chances are you get about 15 minutes to present your research. What would you like to hear from the knowledgeable people in the room?

If you don’t have a paper version of the presentation, or if you have other papers the audience might be interested in, invite members of the audience to give you their e-mail address so you can send this to them when you get home. Not in the sense that it should all be co-authored, but in the sense that we develop our ideas in conversation with others. They may take place mostly in writing, even formal types of writing. Your paper will be better for the feedback you get from people you meet at the conference. And even knowing that there was a different way to approach it and deciding not to advances your research.

Scholarly conferences are a regular part of the academic life.

Whether big annual conferences run by scholarly associations, or smaller more focused conferences and workshops hosted in various institutions, academics attend conferences regularly.

More than 80 people registered for the event, and follow-ups with the attendees suggest it worked as planned: Eighty-five percent of participants said they met at least one potential collaborator, and seven pairs of researchers applied for internal pilot funding.

Word has gotten out: Other institutions and organizations have contacted us hoping to learn how to run their own events.

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